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Shabbat School

Temple Bat Yam Religious School

Shabbat School & Hebrew Program

The Temple Bat Yam Shabbat School provides the youngest members of our TBY family a firm foundation in Jewish knowledge.  From Jewish history and culture, to holidays and traditions and from leadership skills to Jewish pride, we help our young people become Jews with whom we want to share the Earth.  The Jewish tradition reminds us time and again with the commandments V’Shinantam Livanecha (Deut.  6:7) and V’Limadetem Otam (Deut. 11:19) about the legacy Judaism offers.  Torah is teaching us that it is not just parents responsibility to teach their children (6:7) but also that of the whole community (11:19).  We live this value and this Mitzvah (Commandment) by investing in our future through our Shabbat School.  

Class Structure

Temple Bat Yam provides a welcoming environment for our youngest members to engage in Jewish learning and to build a skill set for celebrating Jewish life.  Our Shabbat School enables our students to explore Jewish Holidays, History and Text.  Our Hebrew Program creates the space for them to gain confidence using the Hebrew language and mastery of our liturgy.  Students are enrolled in a class based on grade level and past experience.  Our day includes activities for the whole school as well as individual class time.  During each session, students engage in either Tefillah (prayer) or programming to use and practice what they learn throughout the year.


Temple Bat Yam Religious School meets 3 times per month on a Saturday or Sunday.  The schedule is published each August to allow families the opportunity to mark their calendars.  The Tot Shabbat School program is for the youngest students and begins at 9am and concludes at 11:30am.  A typical schedule begins with a welcome ritual, includes arts and crafts, songs and storytelling and concludes after the oneg.  Our general Shabbat School schedule begins at 9am and concludes at 12pm.  Our Tefillah or all school program begins at 10:15am and concludes with an oneg provided by a family. 



REGISTER FOR TOT SHABBAT SCHOOL Semester 2 - Starts January 13, 2019

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