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How to Subscribe to the TBY Calendar

Subscribe to the Temple Bat Yam Calendar

What does it mean to subscribe to the Temple Bat Yam Calendar?
When you subscribe to the Temple Bat Yam calendar you will be able to see the events on your own calendar.  You will be able to view events, but you will not be able to change or modify an event.
You can configure the subscription by copying the link below (for all events) and pasting it into the right place in the calendar program:

How do I know if my online calendar accepts the iCal format?
You can subscribe with iCal (Apple's calendar app), Outlook 2007 and Google Calendar.  Other online calendars are likely  to accept the feed as well but you will need to work with the app's HELP menu to learn more.
 • Copy the link:
 • Go to iCal -> Calendar -> Subscribe
 • Paste this link in the field provided
 • Copy the link:
 • Go to a new web browser window and paste this link in the URL field.  Outlook will automatically ask you if you wish to add the iCal feed. Yes.
 • You may receive error messages while importing iCalendar feeds into Outlook 2007. You can safely ignore these errors as they do not effect the functionality of the feed
 • Copy the link:
 • Go to Google Calendar.  On the left-hand side, under OTHER CALENDARS,  click "Add".
 • Then click, "Add by URL"

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