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Riding Chai 2018 - Sponsor a Rider

Riding Chai 2018: Sponsor a Rider

Sunday October 7, 2018

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Contribution/Pledge Amount

Please enter your contribution/pledge amount in the Other Amount section below. A suggested amount is a multiple of Chai. Chai is the Hebrew equivalent of the number 18, so 5 Chai = 5 x 18, or 90.




- Do not use the $ sign in the field below.
- If not logged in fill out the Name and Address section.
- Add the name of either a Rider or an Honoree below, in the Donation Notes section.

Registered Riders:
Evon Yakar
Lior Singer
Larry Green
Craig Schorr


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Sponsoring Individual or Making Donation In Memory of Someone
Please select "In Honor of" if you are sponsoring a rider, or "In memory of" if you want to make a donation honoring a deceased person. If either box is checked, enter the rider/deceased name and/or email address.
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